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Week of March 21

Reckless Is...

Reckless Video is an independent, neighborhood video store with a wide variety of titles from popular to obscure.

9020 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle WA 98115



The Basics

Feature films: $4.50
Blu-Ray discs: $5.50
TV, Toons, Documentaries, etc: $3.00
Newest Movies: 1-day rental
All others: 3-day rental
Keep it an extra day for $1.00

Movie Passes

Reckless Video offers pre-paid movie passes, so you can buy a block of movies at a discount. We've streamlined our pricing system, so our new 206 Pass will get you 6 movies for $20.00

6 Movie Passes for $20
Movies cost $3.33 per rental
(save $1.17 per DVD)
(save $2.17 per Blu Ray)

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